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5 Reasons to Hit the Ode

By 11th February 2017Uncategorised
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You Like Bad Puns (and Believe in the Global Reach of Art)
Yes, let’s get this out of the way: Hit the Ode is a groan-worthy play on “hit the road”.  Hopefully it sets the tone for an event which does not take itself too seriously, and helps the poems shine in comparison. But the name also points at the unique nature of UK’s only regular poetry night which features international guests every month as part of its format. We’ve had guest from five continents so far, and we’ve discovered that even for poets – especially for poets? – language is no barrier at all. Come and find out for yourself.

It’s A Really Good Time (And We Have Proof)
Just watch this, will you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtOJOGkyz-c&t=84s

We Have Three Incredible Guest Poets (Who Are Also Musicians)
From the Midlands, Soweto Kinch: the man who embodies the Brummie renaissance, a lyricist, playwright, poet, rapper and saxophone virtuoso in one tight package. http://www.soweto-kinch.com/

From outside the Midlands, Jemima Foxtrot: writer, theatre-maker, performer and musician, Jemima’s makes the distinction between song and poetry irrelevant. https://jemimafoxtrot.co.uk/

From beyond these Isles, Dizzylez: rapper, poet, percussionist, loop-pedal master, this French jack-of-all-trades creates layered narratives in front of your very eyes. http://www.dizzylez.com/

You Can Perform Alongside Them (You Know You Want To)
The open mic at Hit the Ode is one of the best things about the night. A mix between experienced pros and talented first-timers, it is an unpredictable quick-fire poetry roulette – and it is also, for everyone’s protection, time-limited. Best of all, it is really, really open – so for your chance at a slot, email Bohdan Piasecki (bohdan@applesandsnakes.org) and you might just get the chance to share your work with the world.

We’ve Been Around for a While (So We Know What We’re Doing)
Hit the Ode is now well past its sixth birthday, and it’s not too much of a stretch to say we’ve become a bit of a name here in Birmingham. With good reason: over the years, we’ve refined the formula. We know exactly what track to play to interrupt those who would test our time limits; we’re familiar with emotional health and safety procedures, and apply them liberally; our instant poet kits make for coveted raffle prizes. But most importantly, we know when to stop messing about and let the poetry speak for itself. We have good poems. Come hear them.

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