Line up

Verve 2018 brought you a buffet complete with entrees and deseert: four days of world-class poetry and spoken word, a sweet stall, workshops, masterclasses, a conspiracy theory claiming the festival was fake, a resultant treasure hunt, an Atlantic-spanning poetry competition, book launches, podcast recordings, a poetry slam for mini-people and no doubt lots of other happenings that have since faded into the chaotic tornado that was Verve.

We have since had a nice (much needed) sleep and are gnawing at the book spines, ready to get going again. And boy oh boy have we got some words for ya. 

The first big thing to let you know is that we’ve got a BRAND NEW VENUE. That’s right – we are going to be taking over a building in Birmingham City Centre from 14 – 17th February. 

We will be keeping you up to date with bits and pieces of info before the BPL (Big Programme Launch) this autumn. To keep up: 


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