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Shazea’s special Verve cocktail

By 15th February 2017Uncategorised

Guest blog by Shazea Quraishi

For the past few weeks, I have selflessly dedicated myself to inventing a cocktail to celebrate the inaugural Verve festival.  My first attempts were heavy on concept: that it must be blue; made with vodka because it’s winter; it must be fresh like the language of poetry, with a metallic tang to suggest the taste of ink, and with notes of cardamom to reflect Birmingham’s multicultural character.

A friend stopped by with her little boy and I roped her in as a guinea pig. 4 hours and 5 (or was it 7?) versions later we agreed it was an interesting concept and a terrible drink.  After pouring Rachel and Lucas into an Uber, I started again.   My finger turned blue, but I continued undeterred in my determination to perfect this poem in a glass.

Verve 11

Version 11 was the charm!   It’s fresh as the best language, deceptively simple as a haiku and blue as ink.  Also delicious.  Come and see for yourself at the Verve after-party on Sunday 19th.  I’ll be there and so will the Verve 11.


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