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Verve & Hit the Ode: Tech Special

By 24th January 2018Uncategorised
Verve & Hit the Ode Tech Special

Ahhh we’ve all been there. Stood behind the microphone at Hit the Ode, knowing you’ve been going now for about 4 and a half minutes. Your poem’s going really well and it’s about to get EVEN BETTER and the crowd are about to go mental for your simile about marmite and then-

If you were an automated poetry machine you would never make these mistakes. Never face the shame imposed by Bohdan and his accomplice DJ Grit and Grind for straying over your 5-minute open mic slot. Never had to bow your head and walk somberly off the stage to Foreigner’s ‘I Wanna Know What Love Is’. If you were an automated poetry machine your poem would have evoked the perfect balance of 87.3% melancholy peppered with the crucial 4% fear in your audience. Splendid.

Well, whilst Hit the Ode‘s Tech Special may still occasionally embarrass you with out of context pop songs, it will not – thankfully – be showcasing Apple’s new range of automated poetry machines. We at Verve have real, live poets with thoughts, feelings, poems and no aptitude for calculating audience reaction in percentage form.

Our three featured poets for the event – Tomomi Adachi, Yomi Sode & Hannah Silva – all use technology in their performances. These poets bend technology to their will, using it to inform, enhance and warp their words. They achieve what Tomomi Adachi describes as ‘an intermediary between poetry and music, and it doesn’t mean poetry plus music, its something in between.’ Take a listen below.

There are eight open mic slots available on a first-come, first served basis. These will be allocated by our in-house Time and Attendance Bot. If you still need to bag yourself a ticket, then take a wee digital trip across the ether and talk to our ticking man – Mr. E. Vent-Bright. He will be happy to provide you with a ticket for what he considers to be a very reasonable rate: £6 / £4.


‘Infrared Sensor Shirt’ – Tomomi Adachi 


‘Prosthetics’ – Hannah Silva


‘Okay Not to be Okay’ – Yomi Sode 

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