Judy Brown Workshop – The Mouth In the Poem: Source/ Hiding Place/ Factory/ Prison

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The Mouth In the Poem Workshop

Explore and create work involving biting into (or back), swallowing up, blurting and spitting out, and clamming up.

This workshop offers a unique opportunity to explore the diverse expressions of mouths in poetry, from being oracles to symbols of imprisonment.

As well as being part of the instrument for speaking poetry, mouths and their actions appear in many guises in poems. They can be sites of oracle and expressiveness – at the other extreme Elias Canetti called the mouth ‘the prototype of all prisons’. Explore and create work involving biting into (or back), swallowing up, blurting and spitting out, and clamming up.

What to Expect:

Judy Brown, a poet celebrated for her keen observations and evocative imagery, will guide participants through an engaging exploration of the multifaceted presence of mouths in poetic narratives. Attendees will delve into creative exercises involving biting, swallowing, blurting, and silence, discovering the dynamic role mouths play in the rich tapestry of poetry. This hands-on workshop invites poets of all levels to unleash the expressive potential of this unique theme.

About Judy Brown:

Judy Brown’s poetry reflects a keen understanding of the human experience, often weaving together the ordinary and extraordinary with eloquence. Her ability to explore the nuances of language and metaphor makes her a captivating workshop leader. Join Judy Brown for an exploration of how mouths become dynamic elements, shaping the source, hiding place, factory, and prison within poetic narratives.

Judy has won the Manchester Poetry Prize, the Poetry London Competition, and the Poetry Society’s Hamish Canham Prize. Her first pamphlet won the Templar Poetry Pamphlet Competition and her poems have appeared in Poetry Magazine, the Guardian, the New Statesman and the Spectator.

Her last book, ‘Crowd Sensations‘ was described by The Telegraph as ‘deliciously tactile.’ ‘This is an exuberant, expansive poetry’ (The Poetry Review) which ‘manages to surprise with every twist and turn’ (Magma Poetry). ‘Crowd Sensations‘ is a Poetry Book Society Recommendation and was shortlisted for the Ledbury Forte Prize.

Loudness’ was ‘a terrific debut’ according to Poetry London. It was shortlisted for both the Forward and Aldeburgh prizes for best first collection of the year.

Tickets for this engaging workshop are priced at £22.50 (Concessions £17.50). Seize this opportunity to refine your poetic voice and discover new dimensions within your writing.

Secure your spot by booking online via Eventbrite or in person at the Birmingham Hippodrome.