Poetry of the Clearing with Roy McFarlane

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Poetry of the Clearing Workshop

This event invites participants to explore the profound spaces of solace and self-realisation through the art of poetry.  

Inspired by Toni Morrison’s timeless work, Beloved, McFarlane draws inspiration from Babby Suggs’ invitation to embrace freedom within ‘The Clearing.’ 

A two-hour immersive experience for £22.50 (live attendance) or £17.50 (online participation).  

Roy McFarlane, celebrated for his evocative and resonant poetry, will lead participants to explore past and present sanctuaries that have served as havens during challenging times. The workshop aims to unravel the various facets of these spaces, where individuals encounter their true selves amid the tapestry of laughter, tears, dance, and song.  

The poetic journey promises to traverse diverse landscapes, from the pulsating energy of carnivals to the rhythmic beats of dancehalls, the soul-stirring resonance of music, the comforting embrace of home, and the serenity of nature. McFarlane hopes to illuminate the myriad ways they shape our narratives by examining these different sanctuaries.  

With a focus on the affirmation that “in this here place, we flesh; flesh that weeps, laughs; flesh that dances on bare feet in grass. Love it. Love it hard…” McFarlane encourages participants to delve deep into the essence of their own stories, connecting with the profound and often overlooked sanctuaries that define our lives.  

VERVE Festival, known for its commitment to celebrating diverse voices in contemporary poetry, is proud to host Roy McFarlane’s “Poetry of the Clearing” as a local highlight of this year’s event. The workshop promises an enriching and reflective experience, inviting seasoned and novice poetry enthusiasts to join in exploring the transformative power of verse.  

Take advantage of this opportunity to be part of a unique poetic journey. Secure your spot for “Poetry of the Clearing” at VERVE Festival of Poetry and Spoken Word on February 24th and embark on a quest for sanctuary within the beauty of language and self-expression. 

For further information and ticket details, please visit https://vervepoetryfestival.com/