Amin Rowyda – Desert Sunflowers



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Desert Sunflowers is a work of broad vision, bold in both imagination and execution. At its core, there’s a restlessness- a study of migration and a negotiation between place and notions of identity and self, but beyond that so much more. A beautifully balanced sense of the ominous; nods in the directions of magic realism and surreal narrative; a versatility in form and technique- never a dull line-ending. “[Here is poetry] of formal versatility and range, boldness and adeptness in style, technical dexterity and mastery, and expression of conceptual and emotional complexity.” – Lauri Ramey “This is a work which goes beyond questions of exile and belonging, and speaks to a new identity as a member of a global network; a chameleon-like existence.” – Nathalie Teitler

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ISBN: 9781905233441

Date: 29th May 2014

Format: Paperback

Extent: 32 pp


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