Beth Calverley – Brave Faces & Other Smiles



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‘…I told youI really like your smile./ And to my surprise/ you gave it to me.’

This astonishing debut by Beth Calverley takes the umbrella theme of the smile and shares it out – with great generosity and care – among a multiplicity of subjects, moods and meanings. Smiles can be brave, shy, sad, or a lighthouse beam of joy. They can be a mess of countless other things.

This subject seems so appropriate to a poet whose presence, way of reaching out to every member of her audience, and most of all her smile, seem to create smiles all around her. Her leaps of imagination take the breath away. Her use of recurring imagery draws a safety-net of light around her listeners and readers.

Some of the smiles that inspired poems in this collection are contributed by people whom Beth has met on her adventures with The Poetry Machine.

These poems are worthy of your great attention. We dare you not to smile as you read.

‘This is a rich, absorbing, heart-warming collection, sensitive to life’s pleasures and pains. Beth Calverley makes us attend differently to ordinary things – a single look can be ‘a glass of cold water’, a room ‘a tangle / of buttery light’, a smile ‘a too- / tight scrunchy’. We should all smile more, and we should all read more poetry. This collection covers all bases!’ – Helen Mort

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ISBN: 9781912565405

Date: 1st December 2020

Format: Paperback

Extent: 92 pp


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