Clare Pollard – Heavy Petting Zoo



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Clare Pollard wrote most of these poems while still at school in Bolton. Too young, perhaps, to expect anyone to take her seriously, but young enough to question that assumption and much else besides. Her poems are fresh and energetic, barbed with a modern girl’s natural cynicism, but tempered with open-eyed hope as well as wry acceptance. In The Heavy-Petting Zoo, the male of the species is shown in all his preening glory, his growling and posturing exposed but also given marks out of ten. The book gives us the world according to Clare Pollard writing as a teenager, an insider’s in-your-face portrayal of the tarnished lives of today’s bright young things.

‘This is work you can’t ignore – raw, reckless and more bloody-minded than an older, so-called wiser poet would dare to be. Clare Pollard tells us what it’s like to be young, slim and pissed at the door of the 21st century’ – Selima Hill.

It was wonderrful to have Clare with us at VERVE 2018 with The Poetry Translation Centre. She read her wonderful translations of Asha Lul Mohamud Yisuf’s wonderful The Sea Migrations alongside Asha reading in the original language, and also delivered a translation workshop. We look forward to welcoming Clare to VERVE again before long!

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ISBN: 9781852244811

Date: 27th November 1998

Format: Paperback

Extent: 64 pp


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