Emma Wright Ed. – Mildly Erotic Verse



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Eroticism isn t just about sex: it s about anticipation, desire, intimacy and romance. It can be wild, hilarious, beautiful and alarming, and it may be hard to define but you ll know it when you see it. Mildly Erotic Verse skips the mechanics and dives straight into the emotional core of sex, celebrating the diversity and eccentricity of human sexuality.

We see lovers imagined as heroes and hares; describing what they want in jawdropping detail (or maybe with no words at all); and meeting at swimming pools, sinking into baths and magic boxes. They wonder about lost knickers, worry about caravans, and sometimes find themselves transformed.

Emma was on the original working group at the formation of VERVE and has appeared every year either running our Children’s Festival, running workshops, hosting events and appearing at showcases for her excellent Birmingham based press Emma Press. She’s wonderful to work with and lovely to have involved!

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ISBN: 9781910139349

Date: 14th Jan 2016

Format: Paperback

Extent: 96 pp

POETRY Anthology

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