Heather Phillipson – Instant-flex 718



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Issuing from the body-mind’s grisly interwedge, Heather Phillipson’s poems are a protest against well-stitched seams, an off-loading of intellectual baggage, a shout from the deep-ish channels of fear.

Phillipson’s much anticipated debut collection, Instant-flex 718 is an operatics of reactivation. Splicing the leftovers of culture with spurious monologues discharged from an arrhythmic right ventricle or a mouth filled with half-chewed peanuts, the poems unpick and destabilise. The poet is a plasterer, entering the spits and drips with urgency. An internationally exhibiting artist, Phillipson has an impertinence and dynamism incomparably her own. Her poems observe the ordinary world stagger.

Heather performed an exclusive reading of Whip-hot & Grippy with sound and video at VERVE 2020 which was simply incredible. We are enormous fans of her work both as a poet and an artist.

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ISBN: 9781852249700

Date: 25th April 2013

Format: Paperback

Extent: 64 pp


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