All My Mad Mothers – Jacqueline Saphra



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Jacqueline Saphra’s All My Mad Mothers explores love, sex and family relationships in vivacious, lush poems that span the decades and generations. At the heart of this collection of poems is the portrait of a mother as multitudes – as a magician with a bathroom of beauty tricks, as necromancer, as glamorous fire-starter, trapped in ever-decreasing circles and, above all else, almost impossible to grasp.

With an emphasis on the cultures of the different times, we tread a tantalising tightrope between the confessional and the invented. These astute poems step assuredly from childhood’s first exposures to the scratched records and unsuitable lovers of young womanhood, the slammed doors of daughters and sons, the tears and salted soups of friendships, and the charms of late love. All the time, incandescent and luminous as an everlasting lightbulb, at the heart of each of Saphra’s poems is a delicate filament kicking out a heavy-duty wattage.

Jacqueline has made two appearances at Verve Festival, reading with Tania Hershman in 2018 and then as part of our Friday Headline Event in 2020. She also placed in the Verve Poetry Completition in 2018 judged by Luke Kennard and read her poem at the City Poems Competition Event.

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ISBN: 9781911027201

Date: 28th May 2017

Format: Paperback

Extent: 72 pp


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