Wild Persistence – Katrina Naomi



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Katrina Naomi’s poetry collection, Wild Persistence, written after a move from London to Cornwall, considers distance and closeness, and questions how to live. She dissects dualism and arrival, sex and dance, a trip to Japan. There is a strong section of poems about the aftermath of an attempted rape. Her voice is convincing and contemporary.

‘…this is a liberating reminder that “there are different ways to live”…nothing can suppress the wild and quirky energy at play…Wild Persistence is the joyous affirmation we need.’ – PBS

Katrina appeared at our very first Verve in 2017, performing wonderfully and running a workshop. She also went on to publish the pamphlet, Typhoon Etiqeutte, with Verve Poetry Press two years later! Needless to say, we are BIG fans!

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ISBN: 9781781725818

Date: 1st June 2020

Format: Paperback

Extent: 72 pp


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