Notes On The Sonnets – Luke Kennard



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***Winner of the Forward Poetry Book Aware 2022 ***

Luke Kennard recasts Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets as a series of anarchic prose poems set in the same joyless house party. A physicist explains dark matter in the kitchen. A crying man is consoled by a Sigmund Freud action figure. An out-of-hours doctor sells phials of dark red liquid from a briefcase. Someone takes out a guitar. Wry, insolent and self-eviscerating, Notes on the Sonnets riddles the Bard with the anxieties of the modern age, bringing Kennard’s affectionate critique to subjects as various as love, marriage, God, metaphysics and a sad horse.

‘Luke Kennard has the uncanny genius of being able to stick a knife in your heart with such originality and verve that you start thinking “aren’t knives fascinating… and hearts, my god!” whilst everything slowly goes black.’ – Caroline Bird

Luke has performed at and judged our competition at Verve, and allowed Truffle Hound to be the first Verve Poetry Press pamphlet, for which we are forever grateful and indebted to him.

Winner of the Forward Prize for Best Collection 2021

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ISBN: 9781908058812

Date: 23rd April 2021

Format: Paperback

Extent: 100 pp


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