Maia Elsner – Overrun by Wild Boars



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A precocious début that brims with inquisitive energy and sharp insight, overrun by wild boars is a search for intimacy and strength in the face of persecution and trauma. Unpacking interconnecting legacies of colonial exploitation, capitalist extraction and genocide, it is moderated through Maia\x27s stunningly intricate family history that embraces multiple faiths and languages, as well as Polish and Mexican mythologies and histories. Themes of painting, architecture and collective memory help trace a journey of resilience that runs from ancient Rome via medieval Cairo, Poland in the 30s and Berlin in the 90s, to modern London and the streets of Mexico City. Formally daring and subversively inventive with language, overrun by wild boars sifts through the wreckage of history and attempts to grasp what is precious, what is worth clinging on to, what it means to survive.

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ISBN: 9781905233717

Date: 19th July 2021

Format: Paperback

Extent: 78 pp


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