Fairoz – Moniza Alvi



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Fairoz is a book-length poetry sequence in which Moniza Alvi explores an imagined teenage girl’s susceptibility to extremism. The book’s fragmented, collaging narrative draws together fairytale elements, glimpses of Fairoz’s thoughts, and pieces of dialogue. A folkloric representation of God and the devil acts as a counterpoint in the whole, touching on questions of morality. Fairoz is a powerful portrayal of human vulnerability.

‘She is a skilled storyteller, recounting the extraordinary in the voice of the everyday, so that we accept the miraculous as something we need… the overriding impression is of a deft, restrained language carrying ideas with a metaphysical wit and seriousness .’ – Leonie Rushforth, London Magazine

Moniza appeared at our 2019 festival at the Sunday Headline event and was a huge hit among our audience. Many refer to her as a living poetry legend and it’s hard to disagree!

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ISBN: 9781780376004

Date: 24th March 2022

Format: Paperback

Extent: 96 pp


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