My Darling from the Lions – Rachel Long



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Rachel Long’s much-anticipated debut collection of poems, My Darling from the Lions, announces the arrival of a thrilling new presence in poetry.

Each poem has a vivid story to tell – of family quirks, the perils of dating, the grip of religion or sexual awakening – stories that are, by turn, emotionally insightful, politically conscious, wise, funny and outrageous.

Long reveals herself as a razor-sharp and original voice on the issues of sexual politics and cultural inheritance that polarize our current moment. But it’s her refreshing commitment to the power of the individual poem that will leave the reader turning each page in eager anticipation: here is an immediate,wide-awake poetry that entertains royally, without sacrificing a note of its urgency or remarkable skill.

Rachel has been a regular performer at VERVE, reading at an African Prize event in 2019 and participating in a Barbican and Hippodrome Young Poets event in 2020. It is always wonderful having her with us.

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ISBN: 9781529045161

Date: 6th August 2020

Format: Paperback

Extent: 96 pp


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