Scarlett Ward – ache



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 “ache is a breathtaking collection of healing and rebirth. Scarlett writes in away that makes me want to live more deeply” – Chloe Frayne.

Scarlett Ward is an incredible young West Midlands poet as comfortable on the page as in performance, with a real ear for language and an imagination to match. Her debut collection, created with help and advice from Liz Berry and others, doesn’t disappoint, as it takes its concerns of depression, mental ill-health and the deep and powerful ache of recovery, and turns them into quite startling poetry -at times as light as petals, at others as heavy and violent as a hobnail boot. Read, gasp, enjoy.

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ISBN: 9781912565238

Date: 26th September 2019

Format: Paperback

Extent: 78 pp


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