Shazea Quraishi – The Taxidermist



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What has the body of a white mouse to show us? What is art? And how can we live with death?    

The contemplative and poised poems in this collection tackle the vast questions of life and art. Their simplicity is beguiling, their vocabulary – hypnotic, as tiny details build slowly, calmly to create a vision as broad as existence itself.

The Taxidermist is Shazea Quraishi’s first published collection of poems since her 2015 debut full collection The Art of Scratching (Bloodaxe Books).

Shazea appeared at the very first VERVE in 2017 at our Sunday Headline event with Luke Kennard and Ruby Robinson. It was wonderful to have her with us!

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ISBN: 978 912565443

Date: 15th October 2020

Format: Paperback

Extent: 32 pp


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