The Right Words Workshop with Hayley Frances; Empowerment Through Expression.

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Emotion in translation via self-authorship and creative writing in The Right Words poetry workshop led by Hayley Frances. This poignant project aims to guide mothers who have experienced baby loss, offering a nurturing space to gently navigate the complexities of grief through the art of words.

Hayley Frances, a seasoned facilitator and creator of The Right Words project, introduces participants to a series of prompts and exercises designed to help them articulate and process their emotions. The workshop provides a unique opportunity to find solace and healing through poetry, fostering emotional awareness, and honouring the journey of grief.

Funded by Arts Council England and the Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust, “The Right Words” emerged as an integral part of the BEDLAM Arts & Mental Health Programme. The project, previously showcased at MAC and The Poetry Pharmacy, has garnered acclaim for its therapeutic approach to writing and creativity.

Workshop Details:

Participants will benefit from:

  • A safe and supportive community to explore and express their emotions.
  • Proven therapeutic writing techniques to aid in the healing process.
  • Guidance from Hayley Frances, a passionate advocate for the transformative power of words.

Whether joining in-person or virtually, “The Right Words” workshop offers a compassionate space for self-discovery and healing. Secure your spot now for this empowering experience by booking in-person.

About Hayley Frances 
I’m a poet. My work explored the psychology of creative writing and its use as a therapeutic medium. My debut collection Administer the Laughing Gas, is out September 28th with Verve Poetry Press. I’m the founder of, a multi-poetry movement encouraging self-authorship for creativity, awareness, strength and healing.


The Right Words Poetry Workshop

Gently find the right words to accompany and process grief. Find routes to translate loss through poetry, develop emotional awareness, tend and honour grief.