Whilst we at Verve love putting on some of the finest poets in the world, in one of the greatest cities on the planet, we are also very partial to humouring people. The more studious of you may recall last year’s ‘Verve is Fake’ debacle: where anonymous forces took to the internet denouncing the truth of our mission as festival, claiming we had untoward intentions of mind control. Well, we all know how that ended… [?]

True to form, this year is no different: Verve have (yet again) delivered a stellar line-up, a new venue, new events etc. etc. etc. But, yet again, we’re getting our tail pulled and this years it’s been a bit different.

Last week, we received a sweet, well intended email which successfully reached out to the love of poetry at the heart of the festival. This is what it said:

Verve Poetry Festival 2019 may have a lineup of internationally renowned poets, it may have a swanky new venue at the Old REP theatre, and it may be the place for contemporary poetry in the UK… But has it lost touch? Is its mascot a tiny dog? Indeed, does it have heart? It was Gramsci who said ‘that’s not as legit but it’s obvs better’. Well… [fanfare played on a kazoo] introducing: The World’s Smallest Poetry Festival.

For three Saturdays, some of Birmingham’s biggest poets* squeeze onto the smallest stage in the city centre. Bring your dancing slippers, as we’ll be scuttling mouse-style to scare that lumbering Verve elephant (four performances in different locations each day). Come be part of the Spoken Word revolution as we go Ewok on the Vervestar with killer metaphors and tiny sticks. Bring your auntie, bring your pop-up tent, and wrap up warm. We’re here to acquire some stilts, and we’re here to kick some Verve.

*may be three poets standing on each other’s shoulders in a trench coat.

The World’s Smallest Poetry Festival will take place where you’re least expecting it on the 26th of January and the 2nd and 9th of February.

(Real times to be released soon)