Naming Nature: The Ins and Outs of Words with Zaffar Kunial

In this inventive workshop, we will listen, intently, to syllables: to the building blocks of language.

‘Sometimes I like to hide in the word foxgloves – in the middle of foxgloves. The xgl is hard to say, out of the England, out of its harbouring word.’

Zaffar Kunial has been widely revered for his deconstructions of words: deconstructions of sound and meaning. Where the words ‘climate’, and ‘crisis’ have become muddied, homogenised, over-used – and ultimately, ignored – how can finding precision in poetry, in the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of vocabularies, offer us a form of radical, ecological attention? In this inventive workshop, we will listen, intently, to syllables: to the building blocks of language. Kunial invites us to look again at the places we think we know – the words we think we know – and create new pathways for ourselves. England’s Green was published with Faber in 2022.

Saturday 24th February, 3:40pm – 5:20pm. Tickets £22.50 (concessions £17.50)

Curated by Kate Simpson, Editor of Out of Time: Poetry from the Climate Emergency.

Zaffar Kunial, a celebrated poet shortlisted for several prizes, including the T. S. Eliot Prize, Rathbones Folio Prize and Ondaatje Prize, invites participants into the heart of nature’s language.

In this inventive workshop, Kunial urges participants to rediscover precision in poetry, exploring the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of vocabulary. The focus shifts to the fundamental building blocks of language – syllables. By listening intently to these linguistic elements, participants will open new pathways of understanding and connection to the world around them. 

As participants look anew at familiar places and words, Kunial’s workshop catalyses profound self-discovery and a deeper understanding of our ecological interconnectedness. It’s an opportunity to navigate the complexities of language and forge a path towards radical environmental attention.  

Take the chance to be part of this innovative workshop that transcends linguistic boundaries and invites you to reevaluate the world through the lens of precision in poetry. Tickets are available for both live attendance at Birmingham Hippodrome and online participation. Join us on February 24th for a poetic journey into the intricacies of language and the profound impact it can have on our ecological consciousness.